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Information-analytical publication founded by the Centre for Economic Development and the Project on Economic Reform in Ukraine (a US non-commercial organization founded by John Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University).
Editorial Board Chair — A. Paskhaver, Editor-in-Chief — A. Koshyk. More than 40 issues of the bulletin were issued throughout 1995-2001 (each issue volume at 4 full printing pages). The bulletin was circulated to 200 addressees, among these foreign embassies, Ukrainian government institutions, scientific research organisations, parties etc. Bulletin was prepared and published with USAID funds via the Eurasia Foundation, the International Renaissance Foundation, and with sponsor donations from other Ukrainian and international funds. The list of permanent columns in the bulleting includes: 1) Economy (monthly statistical data, economic situation review, economic policy, information on the securities market); 2) Law and politics (the most influential political figures, monitoring of legislative and framework documents); 3) chronicles. The publication played an important role in public information support in those years when there were no mass information outlets in the country. A notable place among bulletin materials belongs to analytical researches of certain sectors' development. Centre experts were among the first in the country to perform the analysis of development of such sectors as military production complex, car-making, pharmaceutical industry etc. in conditions of independent Ukraine. With appearance of mass media specialising on statistical information and law review in Ukraine, the need to change bulletin concept emerged. The staff of the Centre sees the future of the bulletin in its transformation into a Centre's mouthpiece that whill present outcomes of Centre projects implementation. There are plans for the future to involve renowned scholars whose researches have been of importance for economic reforms development in Ukraine in preparation of materials of the bulletin.

"Monitoring of the Economy of Ukraine", Issue No. 1 (44), May 2000

"Monitoring of the Economy of Ukraine", Issue No. 1 (47), 2001.

"Monitoring of the Economy of Ukraine", Issue No. 2 (45), June-July 2000

"Monitoring of the Economy of Ukraine", Issue No. 2 (48), 2001

"Monitoring of the Economy of Ukraine", Issue No. 3 (46), Aug.-Sept. 2000

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